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Food drying

Losses of horticultural produce are a major problem in the post-harvest chain in various parts of the world. India for example is one of the hungriest countries in the world, yet it wastes a huge amount of food. Production of vegetables and fruit totals about 220 million tons a year. About 30% of that never reaches the table. The main reason for this waste is a lack of storage infrastructure, particularly at harvest-time. Up to a third of the country still lives beyond the grid. Without electricity or electric freezers, farmers have to sell everything immediately, which inevitably means it’s not sold at all.


Fish drying

Another market that is struggling with fresh products are fishermen. Drying fish in the open can cause infestation by fly and insect larvae and contamination with sand, filth and dust during the drying process and storage.


Solar drying

is a very efficient and cost effective way to prevent post harvest losses and to make industrial drying processes more sustainable. Fish, fruit and vegetables can be dried outside in the sun or in plastic greenhouses, but these methods are not very efficient and not very hygienic. The best results are made by drying under glass.

The Kascade “Solar Dryer”

Kascade developed a modular drying system, made from first class materials like aluminium and glass. Our many years of experience made it possible to develop a very solid and enduring product with an estimated lifetime of at least 30 years.

Drying products in a Kascade “Solar Dryer” gives the farmers and fishermen leverage over their buyers because they can store their products longer which results in better prices.

The Kascade “Solar Dryer” is equipped with special rolling “Cassette Trolly’s” to transport the materials trough the dryer and to make on / offloading of products quick and easy. Drying Omena fish, mangos, bananas etc. takes approximately 4 hours. The size of the “Solar Dryer” can be adapted to the quantity of products which need to be dried.

Example : The drying capacity of a Kascade “Solar Dryer” is approximately 11.5 kg per square meter “Solar dryer” per day, under average circumstances. For example the smallest Kascade “solar Dryer” (3.5m x 5m) is capable of drying approx. 200 kg per day.

Also in rain season it is possible to dry products.

Friendly for the environment

The Kascade “Solar Dryer” can be built and removed without leaving a trace. All materials can be recycled and there is no waste involved in the process of drying. No fossil energy needed.

Human waste drying

The Kascade “Solar Dryer” can be used for a variety of products such as: Fish, fruit, vegetables, coffee beans or ingredients for brewing companies but it can also be used to dry human waste.

Human waste is available in abundance, but unfortunately it causes problems in many areas due to lack of proper treatment. It is possible to turn this waste into energy, simply by drying it. By one estimate, a single American’s daily sludge output can generate enough electricity to light a 60-watt bulb for more than nine hours. The Kascade “Solar Dryer Tunnels” are equipped with rolling drying tables to transport the materials trough the dryer. After the material is dried it is ready to use, either as fertilizer or as base for fuel.

Custom made solutions

Kascade is specialized in custom made solutions. We can provide large “Solar Drying Systems” for agricultural purposes but also industrial size systems which can be equipped with temperature and moist control systems. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your personal project. Together we will find a convenient drying system that will meet your requirements.


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